About Manos Amigas



To develop the capacities of the materially disadvantaged to achieve a better life through income generation, access to health and nutrition, and improvement of income, access to health and nutrition, and improved community infrastructure. community infrastructure.


To achieve the sustainable development of the community with equal opportunities for all the families that make up the community.



  • Manos Amigas is born after the earthquakes that occurred in that year.
  • In November, it was formalised as an NGO and to begin to support the canton of Santa Lucia, The Palones, in Panchimalco.
  • Start the project of development of crafts from the fruit of morro under the designs of the painter el Salvador Black Álvarez.
  • Begins to form a group of artisans that will give you life to the workshop.
  • He improvises a clinic community in the canton.
  • A visit to COSOCIAL, NGO based in Madrid, Spain, and obtained the assistance to carry out the project of construction of permanent housing.


  • Mayor of San Luis Talpa granted on lease a plot of land in development Miraflores III, The Peace, where Friendly Hands moved his artisan workshop.
  • Start the project of construction of housing in St Lucia The Palones, and conclude satisfactorily 160 homes.
  • Members of COSOCIAL visit El Salvador for delivery of the project for the construction of permanent housing.
  • With the help of a person altruistic building a warehouse for mount formally the workshop of artisan products.
  • The workshop begins to function and is achieved by providing dignified work to women heads of household in the area.
  • In 2005, we built the clinic Miraflores under the same architectural design of the housing with funding from COSOCIAL.


  • The workshop expands its facilities and acquires special machinery for the cutting and treatment of the nose and MDF (pressed wood).
  • You reached the number of 300 homes built.
  • Due to the natural disasters caused by rain is managed help with COSOCIAL and SO to distribute food among the affected area.
  • The clinic of Friendly Hands starts to work hand-in-hand with the school community to provide primary medical services free of charge.
  • You set a value of query is symbolic that the beneficiaries receive medical consultation and medicines.


  • Opens the store from Manos Amigas in the Premises of the International Airport of El Salvador.
  • Traveling to Spain along with Fepade, achieving a project to give 8 courses of preparation for the work ( funded by United Hands)
  • COSOCIAL sent containers of clothing, such as humanitarian aid for the victims of the storms that hit our country, as well as money for the purchase of building materials of first necessity.
  • It is built well of drinking water for community, Impossible Dream, San Luis talpa.
  • Works were carried out to mitigation by the collapse of broken in artisan workshop Hands Friends.
  • We have carried out annual days of oral health with doctors from New York.
  • Were carried out repair work on septic tanks and toilets of the school of Santa Cristina, located in San Luis Talpa.
  • Our store of Friendly Hands was moved to room 12 of the International Airport of El Salvador.
  • Have been built to date, 561 housing permantentes.
  • Are attended annually by an estimated 3,000 people in our clinic Miraflores.
  • It is delivered on average 1,800 packages of food supplement annually in our nutrition program.


  • Alliance with Foundation A Helping Hand to strengthen the program of Nutrition, and community support Miraflores.
  • Project of home improvement, funded by donor particular.
  • Strengthening of the Workshop Crafts Miraflores with equipment, machinery, tools and supplies.
  • Incorporation of new donors to give continuity to the programs.
  • Participation in trade fairs and events for the marketing of craft products.
  • To obtain a license for use of Country Brand“, The Savior, great as its people.”
  • Transfer and remodeling Store in the International Airport of El Salvador
  • Partnership with private enterprise for the manufacturing of products in community Miraflores
  • Development of new markets and diversification of products made in the Workshop Miraflores.
  • Start of project Generating Opportunities, with entrepreneurs of handicraft products.
  • Incorporation of corporate donors for the provision of medicines in the clinic Miraflores
  • Funding for the project Economic and social empowerment of Young people in the Municipality of San Luis Talpa, Department of La Paz, with funding from the city Council of León and Foundation Bed.
  • Response to Emergency because of COVID-19 and Storm Amanda with actions to support food security in vulnerable communities with the delivery of around 3,600 packages food and 3.00 lunches.
  • Inter-agency coordination to support the emergency, and social assistance organizations.


  • Delivery of seed capital to 4 people to boost entrepreneurship
  • Start Project Textile “Bridging Income Generation Opportunities to Young people in vulnerable situations”, with the support of Telus International, where benefit to 25 people in vulnerable communities to drive future endeavors.
  • Start of Project “Educating for the Future” – Training in Cosmetology, sponsored by Family Siman Suárez, where benefit 25 women entrepreneurs.
  • Remodeling Shop Hands Friends in the International Airport of El Salvador