Social Programs


Work dignifies the human being and enhances his daily life.

The Miraflores Workshop was born with the objective of being a tool to generate income for all women heads of household in the community of the same name.

It specializes in the manufacture of handmade products made from morro, for which each woman is trained in the process, treatment, techniques and handling of raw materials and tools to develop the pieces.

In our workshop we complement creativity with fundamental values such as order, quality and teamwork.


Delivering a roof, we build a home and strengthen family unity.

It is essential to have a home where the family can feel safe, secure and united.

That is why in Manos Amigas we try to empower the women of these communities so that given their particular conditions they can take the reins of their family, being itself a means by which they can have access to decent housing.

This is achieved with the support of international institutions who provide the resources for the construction of a dwelling on the land owned by women belonging to the community.

Since 2001 and to date we have built 565 houses, more than 565 latrines, 4 drinking water wells, 6 restrooms for the Santa Cristina School and 1 septic tank.


Health and food are necessary for good human development.

It is not enough just to offer decent work and housing, but to provide the necessary conditions for families to develop in a healthy environment, this is achieved through education and awareness in younger children.

In Manos Amigas we have created a medical and nutritional assistance clinic that serves the Miraflores Community and its surroundings, providing medical consultation, medicines and nutritional supplement to those who need it.

On average 3,000 people are treated annually between adults and children,

An average of 1,800 food packages are delivered annually to preschoolers.

Water is also a vital resource for human health and well-being, which is why we have developed well excavation projects through which the community can have access to this indispensable resource.

Until 2017, a total of 4 wells have been built.


We are the face of our artisans.

In the year 2019, having the privilege of having a store in the international airport of El Salvador and aware that the most difficult thing for an entrepreneurial artisan is the marketing of their product, we decided to create a project that consists of marketing their products in our store and help them in that arduous task.

Ours is to help and move forward with many families who, without our support, would not be able to have a better standard of living.