Promoting opportunities and helping Salvadoran families.

Promoting opportunities and helping Salvadoran families.

In the month of October, Manos Amigas trained, graduated and helped people, as well as continued to generate opportunities that help strengthen their life purposes.

Through the Community Investment Committee and the Call Center in El Salvador (Telus), participants of the textile project completed their training process, reinforcing the practice of frog and flat industrial machines, with a pilot production of articles to be marketed. Thanks to the company that supplied the industrial machinery, two people were selected to receive training, and the training ended with the presentation of diplomas to the participants.

Similarly, the Cosmetology Project, thanks to the sponsorship of the Simán Suárez family, continued training in the area of: drying techniques, haircuts, ironing, among others. The aim is to achieve professional development in new generations and that they offer their services in the area.

In addition, the Agape Foundation provided assistance to low-income communities in the country. With the logistical support of Jóvenes x El Espino, basic products were sent to families in the community of El Espino, Usulután, communities of Tacuba, Ahuachapán and the community of Comasagua, La Libertad.

If you are willing to give a grain of sand, you can approach our Manos Amigas stores where we offer products from artisans and entrepreneurs, you can also help individually to the Association through different platforms: for donations from the United States, American Initiatives, for donations from abroad, Banco América Central and for donations from El Salvador, Banco Agrícola.