Offering tools to generate opportunities to Salvadoran families is one of the objectives of Asociación Manos Amigas.

In March, the “Generating Opportunities” program connected with entrepreneurs, the event was held by CONAMYPE who invited the marketing team to meet with fashion, home and natural cosmetics entrepreneurs.

Next, the cosmetology project was carried out with the module: highlights and straightening, the purpose of this was to advance the technical and business training of each participant. It is worth mentioning that during the month key concepts were applied for the realization of the work.

As part of the learning process, the entrepreneurship project strengthened the entrepreneurial mentality, the activity was carried out with some of the beneficiaries with the objective of: improving teamwork, integration, generating synergy, sense of belonging, strengthening communication and leadership.

In order to always be one step ahead and convert innovative people, the sewing project continued with the elaboration of textile products for commercialization.

With respect to donations, Swiss Laboratories showed support and generosity with medicines for the health of many families and as in previous months, the communities benefited with basic products were: San Luis Talpa, La Paz and Tacuba, Ahuachapán.