The collective work carried out during the month is the result of organization, implementation and development for less fortunate families in El Salvador.

In the month of May, Manos Amigas carried out a series of activities together with the support programs that seek to change realities. During this time, 20 women were able to complete their training in the Cosmetology Project “Educate for the Future”, at the end of the activity each one received a diploma certifying that they completed the process and are ready to start a business. It is important to mention that some of the participants gave their point of view, where they showed satisfaction with their achievements.

“I am grateful to Manos Amigas for having given us the opportunity to learn another entrepreneurship,” said Heidy Chicas, a trained student.

The achievements of each person are also achievements of the Association, since it can see how they improved people’s lives and gave them opportunities they once thought they would never have.

On the other hand, the artisans of the “Morro y Madera” project made a special production for EZA Fairer Handel, a pioneer fair trade organization in Austria and the largest importer of products.

In the same month, the Miraflores Clinic continued to provide its services to the communities of San Luis Talpa, La Paz, where they treated 189 people, mostly with upper and lower respiratory illnesses. In addition, the clinic celebrated Mother’s Day at its facilities.

In another of the activities carried out, the internal part of the Manos Amigas store was remodeled to improve the visibility of products and pieces made by Salvadoran artisans and entrepreneurs.