In July of this year, the Asociación Manos Amigas with the support of the Simán Suárez family, the Mayor’s Office of San Luis Talpa and the Asociación de Desarrollo Comunal Miraflores 3 y 5, made the call for the project “Educating the future” which seeks to train 25 Salvadoran women, young and heads of household, in cosmetology so that they can develop technical skills and become a source of income to support each family.

Also during the month, we continued with the textile project supported by TELUS, Comité de Inversiones Comunitarias, El Salvador.
This project seeks to improve sewing techniques, where each beneficiary of the project elaborates different textile products such as: aprons, cushions, bags and many more.

During the month, 258 medical consultations were attended, where 73% of the consultations were to women. Among the main causes of attention were: respiratory diseases, diabetes and hypertension, gastrointestinal and osteoarticular diseases.

In the same way, the Association received a donation from the company Unidos Somos Más+, donation which sought to benefit young people, adults and senior citizens, being the vast majority of the patients of the Miraflores clinic, likewise the association was grateful for the continued support of Laboratorios Suizos.

The AGAPE Association, El Salvador, contributed with a donation of beans, cookies, granola and much more. This donation will benefit Comunidad Miraflores, Comasagua, San Pedro Puxtla, Tacuba, El Espino and Mizata.

Throughout the month, Manos Amigas delivered food and grocery packages to Salvadoran families who do not have a fixed income. The first delivery of the month took place in Tacuba, Ahuchapán, where packages of basic grains were delivered. At the same time, groceries and food supplements were delivered in Comunidad Mizata, La Libertad and packages of vitarina, chickens, soy rice and basic grains in Cantón Arcos del Espino, an activity organized by Jóvenes por el Espino.

Manos Amigas opened its arms to Shicali Cerámica, a company founded in 1979 as an initiative of a group of young people, including blind and disabled people, who joined forces to offer and generate employment alternatives for this sector of society. Shicali’s main source of income is the production and sale of handmade ceramics, handmade by people with disabilities. Starting in August you will be able to find Shicali’s products at the San Salvador Branch and at the International Airport Store.